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Why suffer from poor shot placement, waste ammunition, and the added danger of breaking the window with the gun resting on it and the limited use of the mirror. gun rest, shooting rest, door mounted gun rest, door mounted rifle rest, lamping, fox shooting, rabbit shooting, vermin shooting, rifle zeroing, bench rest shooting, dart gun shooting, camera rest, shooting systems, shooting.

This is one accessory that you’ll soon be calling an essential. The ShootingSystems Vehicle Mounted Gun Rest / GUN RESThas been designed, developed and manufactured by the shooter for the shooter. It includes the following features:

• Rock solid platform for improved accuracy
• Fully adjustable from your seat without any tools
• Suitable for both day and night shooting
• Allows full door and window operation when fitted
• Can be used on any door - drivers or passengers - front or rear
• Quickly and easily fitted, adjusted and removed
• Fully padded to protect your vehicle and gun
• Hand made steel construction - very strong yet light weight
• Available for Land Rover, Range Rover, Discovery and most Japanese 4X4s

Robust and versatile, this is the ideal accessory for pest control. Our rest can be fitted and removed in seconds and is easily adjusted for both personal comfort and to allow the use of a lamp etc.


Once fitted the rest can be adjusted without leaving your seat and your window can be opened and closed as normal. If required the rest can even be left fitted to your vehicle during transit.


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